The Best Way To Earn Big Money With Juicy Advertisements.

How To Make Big Money With Hot Ads.

Getting money online has ever been an attraction for approaching webmasters, by registering as a publisher with advertising companies, and the majority of them frequently start. Juicy Advertisements ( has been among the top adult ad companies since quite a number of years now. If you are selling their advertising but are unable to produce adequate income after having a great adult site, then you've arrived at the proper post. I'll be disclosing the untold secrets of earning more with Juicy advertising today.

In this article the term 'website' is referenced it refers to 'mature website' so read this article just for those who really have an Adult site. Ok so, websites may be broadly classified into two kinds as follows :

Websites with small number of visitors who browse bunches of pages.

Websites with many visitors who browse scarcely few pages.

Optimizing your site to earn more from ads that are juicy depends on what kind your site belongs to. I have been working with Juicy Ads for over a year and a half. In earlier periods it had been a disappointment for me to find how small income I was generating even after having great traffic and visitor loyalty that was good.

Juicy Advertising allows the publisher to sell ads in 4 basic kinds:

Pop-under ads

Mobile Redirecting Advertising

Floating Advertisements

Banner Ads

I'll be focusing on all these types and revealing just how to optimize each of them to generate more revenue from Juicy Advertisements.

Popunder Ads

Pop under advertisements are broadly used by almost every adult webmaster and very common. This pop-under just opens when a visitor clicks anywhere on the page. The best part of this kind of ad is the fact that it opens just once for a specific visitor each day. Awful part of it is that in case you have little number of loyal visitors who keep browsing around your website, then you wind up producing less revenue than anticipated.

Myth: It's difficult to create good amount of earnings from pop under ads even after having good amount of visitors.

Reality: Your visitors mostly belong to states whose payout rates are less.

Bottom line:

Who should make use of these advertisements?

Answer: Websites having large number of visitors (which in many cases are from search engines) and who browse less pages should undoubtedly use these advertisements. For others I would advocate using a mix of more than one type of advertising. If you have small number of visitors with substantial Pages per Visit ratio you can choose banner ads.


Disadvantage: Some users often get annoyed by pop-under ads and should they've a better option, might chose to avoid your website. You can overcome this drawback by giving quality content, particularly, exclusive content on your own website.

Cellular Redirect Advertising

Essentially your site isn't seen by your cell traffic , at all! They directly get transferred to another site and you get paid for it.

These sorts of ads are highly unadvised for newly launched sites. For those who have just got into the marketplace and individuals do not understand your website by name, then you definitely should not redirect them to some other website. Also, if your web site is exclusively made for mobile users I wouldn't advocate these advertisements. You can try alternatives like Adxpansion Advertisements.

Myth: Generating revenue from Mobile Redirect Advertising is next to impossible with my web site.



Who should use Cellular Redirect Advertising?

Reply: Websites that are not so fruitful or deficiency user satisfaction for "cellular users" simply should try these ads. Anyway your cellular visitors were not getting what they wanted, so why don't you make the most of it?


Mobile Redirect Ads are the highest paying advertising you'll ever come across. Rather than placing them worldwide you can create some quick revenue in case you properly handle your web site and put these ads on specific pages of your website.


In case these ads are erroneously set, you will be losing your precious visitors. Cellular users refrain from visiting your site and might get a poor impression about your site. To avoid this problem, as I mentioned earlier, place the ads on specific pages which anyways won't load or won't work as they should on mobile phones.

Floating Advertisements

Naughty advertising released Floating Advertising for their publishers merely few weeks past. I'm yet to review these advertisements so I am unable to give a precise review about this type of advertisements. Currently just a single 300x250 rectangle advertising is provided with by Juicy Advertisements. The advertising carton (300x250) essentially floats to the middle of your webpage as the page loads completely. The visitor can decide to click on the X mark to shut the advertisement and see the webpage or instead he can click on the ad to view it.


As I have not used these advertising broadly and not examined them thoroughly I'll supply a brief review for it. As far as I can predict, these ads might have high click rate and can be worth a shot for television websites. But it might be somewhat annoying for your visitors should they believe that they are being fooled to get clicks on an advertisement when they were attempting to view a video. A word of caution would be to try and examine these advertisements for particular period of time or with certain group of users, instead of widely utilizing it throughout the website. Check your site stats following the use and when it's impacting the pages per visit of web site or raising site's bounce rate then you can certainly select to opt out from these ads.

These are most widely used types of advertising as far as I've found. And more so often used by recently launched websites. Basically you can opt for a banner ad size from numerous alternatives to exhibit. A banner is displayed in that component of the website which reveals advertising when you put the code given to you personally on your own website. Advertisements are chosen by Juicy Advertising themselves. Now you get paid for each click on those banners. Based on the number of impressions and clicks the site gets, it's allotted a position in Hot Advertisements system. Advertisements that are hot monitor your visitor details to get the details including ad clicks, ad impressions along with the state of the visitor. When an advertiser wishes how to earn juicy ads to purchase ads with Juicy Advertisements, he's allowed to select a certain web site from all accessible sites based on their alexa rank, page rank, impressions, clicks and top 5 countries. This banner ad space is sold to the Advertiser at a cost automobile rendered by Juicy Advertisements. You can select so, in case you wish to establish a specific cost for advertising space on your web site.

Advertiser Myths: Advertising that are hot shows clicks fairly substantial while I purchased advertisements, but it does not get corresponding clicks, when I put my advertising on this website.

Advertiser Reality: Your advertising wasn't appealing to click on them. Their advertisements are really appealing and sexual. If you would like to get more clicks to your advertisements, make something (banner) better than them.

Publisher Myths: After placing banner ad in the header of web site I'm unable to generate earnings that is good.

Publisher Truth: So it's the amount of clicks on the banner ads. Next matter in most instances is that the advertising placement is improper. Then obviously the visitor while scroll down to the part where the video streaming window lies, should you own a video streaming website. So that your header ads do not even get detected in such cases.

Bottom line:

If you can properly mix the ads with your content you must use banner ads on your site.

Edge: These are the most frequently encountered kind of advertising as well as your visitors most likely won't get offended seeing them. As mentioned before another advantage is your visitors are often tempted to click on them as well as that, juicy advertisements are appealing. So you end up making good earnings. They can also be easily combined with images, especially thumbnails for pictures. Should you use the aforementioned guidelines to properly combine your ads you can surely earn great revenue from click. Not only that but this could also tempt advertisers to buy ads at your site, so you can set the cost of your web site higher to produce more income from Juicy Advertising.

Disadvantage: It uses up space on your own webpage. Page loading time somewhat increases based on the size of the banner ad. Visitors cannot elect to not view those advertisements. To overcome this issue, you can get the users enroll at your web site and then setup your website to show only guests ads. This may also result in growing enrollments in your site.

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